Electro Magnetic Radiation Protection

There are now an abundance of studies on the damaging effecton humans of wireless technology including mobile telephones, cordless telephones and radio masts.
In 2006 a Bioinitiative group produced an extensive study of the effects on Humans, which included1500 studies by 14 scientists, all leaders in their field.
See U Tube summary by Cindy Sage`

The garments below offer protection from these damaging effects -

  • PROTECTS....ro
  • tect
  • The spinal cord and associated nerve centres
  • all the internal organs with a generous overlap in the genital area
  • Centres associated with Immune responses like the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and adrenal glands
  • chakras in the spinal cord
  • May be used as a protective sleeping garment when travelling.
  • Cost £135
  • Or hire for 1 month to test the benefit, for £80, plus a returnable deposit of £60.
  • THE HEAD GEAR offers protection of brain, neck, vital centers and chakras.
  • Neck well covered with ample overlap of jacket
  • Draw string in front to cover as much of the face as you feel comfortable with.
  • Easy at night as it doesn't move all over and tickle and irritate.

Cost of headgear £35

Or hire for 1 month to test the benefit, for £20 plus a £15 returnable deposit.


To order garments
telephone Doctor Eddy Levin on 0208 292 2662. Payment by credit card or PayPal

Conditions of Hire:

Garments must be washed in the special detergent supplied before returning. Any stains or tears will be charged at £10 each with a maximum of £30.
Garments must be returned after 30 days, otherwise will incur a penalty of five pounds per day.
Garments are either supplied new or sterilised by autoclave.


A simple to use device which will immediatly show you your exposure to Electro magnetic radiation.

Purchase £56.28 (inc. vat)

The MW1 Electrosmog Detector

The MW1 microwave detector detects the pulsing microwave radiation you are being exposed to and enables you to hear it as if it was sound. It begins to react at the levels that are associated with health effects, and will react to all microwave sources, including cordless phones, 2G, 3G and TETRA masts.

Hire or Purchase from this link

Electrosmog detector

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Research Articles and Studies

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8th July 2009
Wireless Technologies Cause Harm to Children and Adults

15th May 2009
May 2009 is to be Electromagnetic Awareness month

You Tube
Cindy Page comments on the Bioiniative Report

The BioInitiative Report:
A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)

Integral Health
Your Adrenal Glands

15th December EMFields
A link between exposure to EMFs and childhood brain tumours confirmed
A recent study in Japan looked at 55 children under the age of 15 with brain tumours and compared their magnetic field exposures with 99 matched children who did not have brain tumours. They found that children in fields of 0.4 microtesla or more, were more than 10 times more likely to have a brain tumour; even those with exposure levels between 0.2 and 0.4 microtesla were at increased risk compared with those in lower fields.

Read the abstract on PubMed

11th February
Spanish children and their teachers made seriously ill by mobile phone mast
Manuel de Falla school in the town of Vega del Guadalquivir, in Spain, has a mobile phone mast in the school grounds and 2 others nearby.

Three of the children at the school have developed cancer and one has died. One pupil has lost the sight of one eye because of a retinoblastoma; five others have had an operation to remove part of the thyroid and ganglial tumours in different parts of the body.

There are also about a hundred other cases of cancer and degenerative diseases among the teachers, the domestic staff and the residents living nearby.....


. An unusually high number of thyroid conditions have been diagnosed, and as thyroid problems have been linked to radio frequency exposure, this may be a further pointer to a link with the phone masts.

The phone mast was put up in the playground in 2001. Until not very long ago the children could get close to it, touch it and even climb up it! Recently a wall was built to shield it, but depends on the dimensions of the wall as to whether this is adequate, or whether it just gives the appearance of protection. There has been no mention of whether the exposure levels have been measured.

The Town council has no power to order the removal of the mast, though in 2002 an attempt to prohibit masts in residential areas was made. An 8-year court battle is ongoing.

Local residents are talking about taking further action, such as picketing Telefónica, one of the mobile phone companies concerned.

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